dinsdag 18 augustus 2009

June down, April, May, August to go

In June I started thinking about losing weight. I am over 40 years, busy life, and there are too many downsides to being overweight. The biggest one for me is that I can't seem to hold my kids close enough. My belly is in between. I know that it's not true in the real sense of the word and it may sound strange. But it feels like that to me and I really dislike it. So, at the end of June I decided to do something about it and I knew what. Yesterday I started my diet and it feels good that I am not waiting anymore (for a magic touch of the fairy or something else to get me moving).

The big one is a 6 and a 9 for June 2009. The small figure is a pendant I got from my mother and my sister as a fertility symbol out of a folk museum. And when I have lost some weight we might have a shot at no 3 (children that is). It reminds me very much of a figure from (o gosh, what's his name? Famous artist, same time as Picasso, worked in France). I'll edit that later! Yep, Giacometti.

I would very much like to hear your comments. Thank you in advance!

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Robin zei

Oh Soe, you've done it again!!! You've made it so real with instant recognition of the "issue" and at the same time so peaceful and so artful. Ah, the belly and the diet. I know this subject well... maybe you callint attention to it will help me too (I hope!).

One little thing, at the start of the second paragraph, you mean "6 and a 9 for June 2009" not July 2009, right? I love that the numbers (dates) on your pieces are part of the design such that I don't notice them at first. Impressive!

I wish you the best with your belly reduction program! Bravo!

soe zei

Hello Robin,
Thank you! You are right, this is June 2009. I'll edit that right now.
At this point I can only say: don't be afraid. Take the journey and the experiment of losing the belly just as you are doing with your BJP! And just as you are advising all of us to approach the BJP. Stop the inner critic, see where the journey will take you, see it as an experiment. As I am writing this I think that joining the BJP project has a lot to do with me starting the diet. Thank you!

Diane Lithgow zei

I love the way you have done the numbers. It looks like a mum cradling her baby while cheering for the family. great use of colours.
Diane- New Zealand

Robin zei

Thanks, Soe! You're so right.... It will be quite a change in my thinking, as dieting and weight gains have been a part of my whole life. I tend to look at dieting as I always have, a dreaded routine of not having what I want. You've given me such important wisdom here... Yay!

pam T zei

Very nice, once again!

soe zei

Wow, Diane, I haven't looked at it like that and it rings a bell! Thank you for your comment!

soe zei

Pam, thank you so much for your reaction. I think it is amazing that you can find the energy to look at all the pages AND comment. Thank you!

soe zei

Hello Robin,
In my work I learned that it is very difficult to make a change only by strenght or discipline. You will need it, but it helps when you can change your way of thinking. Kind of: when you're not strong, be smart.

dees zei

Dear Soe,

Feels funny to write in English to a Dutch Woman on an English blog being Dutch myself...but what the heck. It's the message that counts.

I love your work and am thinking of participating on the BJP 2010 .. are you? I would love to help each other fight our demons that challenge our wit when strength is failing. You are so Right! Love the way you have taken on issues that really touch you and turned them into art. They speak to me!

Hope to see your other BJP's soon. I will keep up with your blog as you go along.

Losing weight is a big issue after becoming a mom (have a 10 and a 5 year old myself) ..Just turned 40 and am going to the gym for the first time this morning to talk over a programm. Maybe lose some weight, some toning defenitely!

Love the comment of not being able to hold your children close, although in many cultures beingt "overweight" is the true mommy-ness itself. But please don't become a Giacometti yourself. Although I love his art (have you ever seen his portraits? Very real) your children will have to have something to hold on to.

Dees (Kamerik, Nederland)

soe zei

Hello Dees!
Great to hear from someone in NL! Yes, I think I will participate in the 2010 BJP. Already I am thinking about formats and things like that.
If sometime you are near Amsterdam, we could try to get together to bead, if you also like that. I do!
Thank you for following my BJP's and thank you for your comment!

KV zei

I am never disappointed when I come to visit your blog, Soe. You do such wonderful things with beads and other objects!

Good luck with the weight program -- there are many of us doing the very same thing.

Kathy V in NM

soe zei

Thank you Kathy! I have only started my diet 6 days ago and already had some rough times where I wanted to quit and was angry that I couldn't eat what I wanted. At those times it is difficult to be smart, LOL! But the upside is: I have ankles!
I took a look at your website: you do beautiful things. Great idea to give the last book to your granddaughter.

dees zei

Soe, you can reach me at: dees@hccnet.nl Hope to hear from you, love to bead together sometime.