zaterdag 8 augustus 2009

A little secret.

These are the diaries I made so far. In every entry I tried to get the month and the year in. Can you find the dates? Some you aren't able to see because of the way the picture is taken, some are in your face and some are more difficult. I am curious what you find out. Let me know!

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pam T zei

very clever! I found it in most, and especially July, which I didn't notice yesterday when I looked at it, figured it was "paths in the fields".. you used like just a slightly different shade of beads in some of them for the date and in some a different texture, or made them higher, right? couldn't find December or the spider web one.

Plays with Needles zei

that is a great idea!! I couldn't find the spider web either but maybe it's because I couldn't enlarge the picture?? Thanks for the fun!

Robin zei

What an intriguing idea! I never noticed this until your July piece. Like Pam, I couldn't see the dates for the spider web or the red/green one with the tree (except I could see the 8 for 2008). Your pieces shown together are very satisfying. If there's any way to do this, I would love to see your diaries enlarged... not just for the dates, but so that I could see all the details. Thanks for posting your delightful secret.

Diane Lithgow zei

I love having the hidden date. I found some of them but will have to look more to find them all.
diane, New Zealand

soe zei

Hi Pam,
You are right! December you can't find because of how the picture is taken. I wrote the date on the Stiff Stuff and glued one of the glass blobs on it. It works like a small looking glass and enlarges the date. You can only see that when you look at it from above.
The spider one is tricky: the 3 coins stand for March, and you can see the number 9 of my bankcard through the beads.
I am impressed that you found the white on white one from February!

soe zei

Hello Susan,

The spider web is 3 coins for March, and the 9 shines through the beads from my bankcard.
I saw a few pictures from your May piece and I am totally impressed! From what I read I am sure I will be impressed with the story behind it too when I visit back.

soe zei

Hi Robin,
The spider web is difficult I guess. The 3 coins represent March and the 9 shines through the beads from my bankcard.
When I go over the pictures in the blog I can enlarge them to bigger than lifesize pictures. Are you able to do that too?

soe zei

Hello Diane,
Thank you for taking a look, all the way from New Zealand! That still impresses me!
soe from Amsterdam, The Netherlands