donderdag 30 oktober 2008

New bracelet

One of the teachers from the daycare centre is leaving and I made her a bracelet. Hopefully she'll like it. The challenge for me were the colors. I never used this green before. But I really like how it turned out. Maybe I'll make one for myself too!

maandag 20 oktober 2008

BJP Octobre is ready

Finished in time! This is the Octobre page. The colors go from bright to dark, as does Octobre does around here. There are some really nice, sunny days, and some really dark, rainy, windy days. It is a sky and the water that surrounds us now that we live on a little island.
It also stands for the worries I have since I have children. I can enjoy them immensly (sp?), but there also always is a worry in the back of my head. Are they okay? At first I thought I was only worrying (sp?) because babies are vulnarable. But then I realised that it would always be with me, just the subject would change in time. Now I worry about their development, upbringing, etc. Later it will probably be about are they feeling okay at school, have friends. And even later: is his wife okay, is his work okay?
Then, while I was beading this, the news came that on the daycare centre that my two boys go to a little boy was found dead in his bed. He was 3 months old and we don't know what caused it. It will probably be called SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). His name is Jelle. I remembered him by beading an apple sead in the waves. Jelle is the little sead that will not turn into a tree. The daycare centre was researched and they found nothing wrong. So my boys are there again, and life is slowly getting back in track again.