vrijdag 11 september 2009

UFO finished.

I feel more energetic now that I am losing weight. That is nice! So I got the inspiration to finish an UFO. The bracelet is inspired by a bracelet in Beadwork, I can't find the specs right now. Love to hear your comment.



There is not much meaning behind the piece of May. Because May was a long time ago and I just finished it. So it's not a journal either. But there are 5's and 9's in it (for May 2009). And it was an experiment for me. To me this is a very Dutch piece, because of the colors: red, white, blue (of the flag) and Orange (of the kingdom). For some reason these colors remind me of May.

The colors also inspired me to make a bracelet in Delfts Blue, also a very Dutch piece.
Let me know what you think!
You can see an overview of all the BJP pages from soe here. Thank you for watching and commenting!