vrijdag 11 september 2009


There is not much meaning behind the piece of May. Because May was a long time ago and I just finished it. So it's not a journal either. But there are 5's and 9's in it (for May 2009). And it was an experiment for me. To me this is a very Dutch piece, because of the colors: red, white, blue (of the flag) and Orange (of the kingdom). For some reason these colors remind me of May.

The colors also inspired me to make a bracelet in Delfts Blue, also a very Dutch piece.
Let me know what you think!
You can see an overview of all the BJP pages from soe here. Thank you for watching and commenting!

5 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

I'm new in these parts and just looked at all your BJP pieces for the first time. Wow, they are beautiful! I especially like October because it reminds me of a waterscape. I have to ask, is that the one with the apple seed? If so, I think I see it! :)

soe zei

Hello Barbara,

Yes, that is the one! How alert of you to see that! The appleseed is for a little baby that died of SIDS in the daycare centre of my children. Because he will never grown into a tree. I like it that because of beading the appleseed I still think about him from time to time. Thank you for your comment Barbara.

Robin zei

It's fun to see a piece that has no "designed meaning" because then I can see whatever I want in it. Right away on this one, I saw a circle of eyes and thought of it as a global circle of women beading and seeing each other through their beading.

I confess, I see the 9s of course, but can't find the 5s, unless they are huge and the bottom parts are what look like eyes to me.

I love your Delft bracelet!!!! In 1974, my partner and I bicycled in Europe for 3 months, including three weeks in Holland, which we LOVED. We were in Delft and went to the factory. I bought a few gifts and a pair of earrings for myself, which I still cherish. I'll never forget the kindness shown to us by Dutch people!

Your black bracelet is also gorgeous!

Three more BJPs to go!!!! Hugs, Robin

Anne Marie - Toronto zei

Lovely piece, Soe! It contains nine, 9's and five blue swirly things. I didn't notice any other fives, though. I agree with Robin, both bracelets are wonderful

KV zei

Beautiful piece, Soe! I love the blue and white of Delft pieces, so I adore your bracelet, too.

Kathy V in NM