donderdag 28 augustus 2008

Theme for september

Journaling is what i am going to do with the pages every month. Everytime I am going to look for the issues in my life and bead about that, or with that in mind. So I don't have an ongoing theme for the whole year. Maybe next year.
This september I will start working again after maternity leave. I had an extra long maternity leave since my little son didn't drink well because of severe gastrooesofageal reflux (all his food comes up again). So my issue is leaving him in daycare while I go working.
Actually I like my work very much and I also feel that his daycare centre is good and I agree with him going there. But there are a lot of mixed feelings all over.
What I'll use is:
* old European coins (we have the Euro now) that represent me making a living and supporting my family
* all kinds of greens for the look of the trees and bushes that I will bike along going to work
* orange/reds and blues represent my youngest. Red for the color of his hair (now his red hair has changed to a more blondish color, but I still see him like that in my mind) and blues for the clothes I see him in.
Apart from the colors I can use anything I have in the house. I will let it be improvisational from then on (a first for me!).
Love reading the introductions from everyone. Tension seems to be building, LOL.

zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

Waiting while doing other things

Still waiting to be able to start. I got my "proper preparation to prevent piss pole performance" (as Ten says) done: started this blog, thought about it (a lot). Now I have to get my beads organised after moving to our current house. And find out how my scanner works.
While I am waiting I did make some other things. I made a brown dress, a dark fuchsia skirt, two beaded flowers (that make a broche) for my neighbor's birthday and I worked on my beaded bag.
The beaded bag is my start up project. When I feel I want to do something, but can't get around to design, choose colors or am generally stuck, I pick up this project. It is just bead embroidering circles, doesn't matter what color I pick. It is already there, ready to go. I'll scan this to show.


Note: With some help of my SO I now know how to use the scanner. Scanned the bag in progress. Since it can't lay flat on the scanner it's not the best image I can get. But for now I am too lazy to take out the camera. Anyway, here it is.

dinsdag 19 augustus 2008


Still I am not working on my BJP, because my stiff stuff hasn't arrived yet. I am thinking about it though. I decided some things:
* I am going to use the best beads and other things I need that I can find. I will not wait for a better project or a better beading version of me. I do not want to grow out of my favourite sunday clothes.
* The format will be round with a hole in the middle. Like a CD.
* I am going to try out new stitches besides the good old back stitch.
The biggest challenge I see is getting my monthly journals in on time.


donderdag 7 augustus 2008

Working on it

Working on learning how this blog thing works, working on starting up the beading again, working on getting everything ready for the BJP 2008-09, working on getting back to work after maternity leave, working on sewing my clothes. When I put it down in words I see that I actually am very busy and doing a lot. I just don't have a finished project to show for it. I am going to try and find a photograph for this blog and find out how my scanner works to be able to let you see the progress on the BJP-project. Wish me luck!