zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

Waiting while doing other things

Still waiting to be able to start. I got my "proper preparation to prevent piss pole performance" (as Ten says) done: started this blog, thought about it (a lot). Now I have to get my beads organised after moving to our current house. And find out how my scanner works.
While I am waiting I did make some other things. I made a brown dress, a dark fuchsia skirt, two beaded flowers (that make a broche) for my neighbor's birthday and I worked on my beaded bag.
The beaded bag is my start up project. When I feel I want to do something, but can't get around to design, choose colors or am generally stuck, I pick up this project. It is just bead embroidering circles, doesn't matter what color I pick. It is already there, ready to go. I'll scan this to show.


Note: With some help of my SO I now know how to use the scanner. Scanned the bag in progress. Since it can't lay flat on the scanner it's not the best image I can get. But for now I am too lazy to take out the camera. Anyway, here it is.

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a2susan zei

Hi, Soe, old friend. I remember you from the Bead Art forum and was your secret bead sister once! I'm so happy to see you participating in the bjp. And congrats on the two boys.

soe zei

Hello Susan,

How nice of you to say hello! It has been a while since I was on the Bead Art Forum. The last time I couldn't even get in (LOL). Just recently I picked up my beads again, and thougt this challenge was a good way to start up. Good to "see" you again. I wish you lots of fun on this project!

freebird zei

That purse is a neat project! I can see all those circles with a read background. Hmmm. Maybe I, I do NOT need another project in the making but I'll have to keep this in mind for the future.

Welcome to the BJP. Hope you enjoy yourself. That's the most important part.

soe zei

Hello Freebird,
Actually I am enjoying myself greatly. In the thinking and looking for needs for this project I get new ideas all the time. I rearranged all my stuff (we currently moved) and got to see all my treasures again. I can't wait to get started.
I am going to start another project as well, I think. Oh go ahead, you start some more too!


Hélène H zei

Wow, what a gorgeous bag !

Kiwi Ellen zei

Ohh I like this very much Soe...