dinsdag 23 september 2008

September is ready

The september page for the Bead Journal Project is ready.
I learned a lot. For instance: Keep It Stupid Simple. I wanted to do much to much on this page. 3 colourgroups, different colourshades in the groups, different techniques, too many symbols, too many kinds of beads.
Also: give beads the room to breathe. When I am putting them too close together it makes it messy. Showing some of the base material is o.k. Especially when you've coloured it before you start beading (my third lesson).
Explanation for what you see. My journal theme for this month is leaving my newborn at the daycare centre while I am going back to work. I do like the daycare centre and I fully agree with him going there. But it is still hard to leave him after spending 6 months so close together. The money is old European coins. A French and a German one which both show a woman: one sowing and one planting a little tree. Also a Belgian coin of 1 Franc (because you've got to start somewhere). These coins represent me making money for my family. The two wheels represent my bike. The greens represent the woods and fields that I cycle through going to work. In September they are still mostly green, but the browns are coming up. The white shell represents the alabaster skin of my little son, the orange/browns his hair colour (that has now turned completely blond). The blue represents the Adidas suit he wore a lot (because his mom liked it so much). One of the happy accidents (thank you Bob Ross) is that it also looks like green forests, brown earth and blue water. Also in the October peace it seems to go a lot about my surroundings. We moved to an Island in Amsterdam and I a more surrounded by nature now. Also I see a lot of circles. Starting out with the format, but also the forms on the circle.
Another happy accident is the blue "wave". I just started it and liked it very much. In my next piece I am going to explore that further when beading the waves of the water that surrounds us.
Tell me what you think. I am very, very new to designing and I just let it happen this time. But I have a lot to learn about that.