dinsdag 23 september 2008

September is ready

The september page for the Bead Journal Project is ready.
I learned a lot. For instance: Keep It Stupid Simple. I wanted to do much to much on this page. 3 colourgroups, different colourshades in the groups, different techniques, too many symbols, too many kinds of beads.
Also: give beads the room to breathe. When I am putting them too close together it makes it messy. Showing some of the base material is o.k. Especially when you've coloured it before you start beading (my third lesson).
Explanation for what you see. My journal theme for this month is leaving my newborn at the daycare centre while I am going back to work. I do like the daycare centre and I fully agree with him going there. But it is still hard to leave him after spending 6 months so close together. The money is old European coins. A French and a German one which both show a woman: one sowing and one planting a little tree. Also a Belgian coin of 1 Franc (because you've got to start somewhere). These coins represent me making money for my family. The two wheels represent my bike. The greens represent the woods and fields that I cycle through going to work. In September they are still mostly green, but the browns are coming up. The white shell represents the alabaster skin of my little son, the orange/browns his hair colour (that has now turned completely blond). The blue represents the Adidas suit he wore a lot (because his mom liked it so much). One of the happy accidents (thank you Bob Ross) is that it also looks like green forests, brown earth and blue water. Also in the October peace it seems to go a lot about my surroundings. We moved to an Island in Amsterdam and I a more surrounded by nature now. Also I see a lot of circles. Starting out with the format, but also the forms on the circle.
Another happy accident is the blue "wave". I just started it and liked it very much. In my next piece I am going to explore that further when beading the waves of the water that surrounds us.
Tell me what you think. I am very, very new to designing and I just let it happen this time. But I have a lot to learn about that.

28 opmerkingen:

Sandy zei

You did a beautiful job of designing this piece and the symbolism is great.

abeadlady zei

Absolutely love it, Soe! It is so intense and has so much meaning behind it. Great start for the year.

a2susan zei

I think that everything going on in your life is reflected in this page and that's just the way it should be. If like is busy, it makes sense that your beading is busy. I think it's great! Hope you're adjusting to work again and from being away from your baby.

shebaduhkitty zei

fanrastic piece and great symbolism and journal

KV zei

This is so exquisite, Soe! It has a lovely rhythym to it and your beading is wonderful, too. The use of those coins was a brilliant idea . . .

Kathy V in NM

GraceBeading zei

WOW, absolutely beautiful in every way. The colors are amazing. Such a beautiful piece!

Denise zei

It's wonderful! the elements work together and the texture you ave created is awesome! Don't forget to write this all down - perhaps on the back? by the end of the year, some of these details about why you did certain things may be lost.
I look forward to seeing your BJP for the rest of the year!
Cheers, Denise

pam T zei

Very nice!

Sabine zei

This is a little treasure, very beautiful, and a true journal page. I enjoyed seeing the reverse side of our old 50-Pfennig-coin, with the woman planting an oaktree.

It seems your piece is not flat, but stuffed like a little cushion. Is that so? Did you do the stuffing before or after beading? I am asking because I have just been having a hell of a time beading on a stuffed item. Maybe it was overstuffed or something.

Regards, Sabine

heidibeads zei

This is such a wonderful piece, Soe. I can see the struggle of leaving your baby in day care. I visited Amsterdam so long ago, it is such a wonderul place. I can imagine you riding your bike around. It's a wonderul place and a wonderful piece.

soe zei

Dear ladies,
Thank you very much for your reactions. I am a bit overwhelmed. It is so good to be part of a project like this. Normally I am beading pretty much on my own here. Ofcours DH and SO's comment, but feedback from fellow beaders is very much appreciated. Thank you!

sam zei

It is a beautiful piece of work. As someone else said be sure and write down what it all means. I am looking forward to seeing what you do in October...

freebird zei

It's a terrific page. I love the fullness of it as you describe your very full life. The two go together very well it seems. So much symbolism is wonderful too. Of course you want to try everything. That's one good thing about having a whole year to do your bead pages.

MixPix zei

Oooo, this piece is gorgeous - I like the fact that it has so much of your life and thoughts and feelings built into it. Can't wait to see what you do for October!

soe zei

Almost forgot to answer your question. I didn't stuff the piece. It is made on stiff stuff. Since I entirely beaded it the circle is not laying flat on the table anymore, but curling on the edges. I think stuffing after beading works better than the other way around. But I guess you found that out the hard way.
If you want to stiffen your working surface you can use a lot of things. Like cardboard or using postcards as a backing. I think it was in BJP blog #2 that someone gave more information about that. HTH.

soe zei

Sam, Freebird and Mixpix,
Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time and effort to look and write and post. I appreciate it very much!

Lillian zei

Love the colors and how they play on each other in the pattern.

Lillian in WA, USA

Tracey N. zei

This is so pretty! I love the symbolism of it too! Your technique is impeccable too! just beautiful Soe! Tracey N.

soe zei

Hello Lillian and Tracy,
Thank you for your comments! I thought to myself: impeccable technique? Me? So I checked out the enlarged picture. Wow, no easy ways out there! You can really see everything (including my lazyness to change the threadcolour with the lightgreen beads).

Julie zei

It is very nice. I wish you well going back to work. It is difficult. Julie C

Pursuing Art... zei

Hi Soe...I am finally catching up with other BJP members today!

Your September page is beautiful! I love the colors you chose and your beadwork is lovely! I enjoyed the symbols in your page and the texture. I can relate to having to go back to work and leave your 'little one' in daycare, it is not easy!

I am looking forward to seeing your monthly pages!

Have a nice weekend...~Lisa ;-)

bohemiangirl zei

Your piece is so awesome! There is so much to see. Thanx for sharing.

We must be thinking alike. My pages are round, too!

Marty S zei

This is a beautiful page. There is NOT too much going on! I love the complexity.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Hélène H zei

Beautiful colours and beadwork, I like the way you put the coins in !

soe zei

Hello July,

The youngest was (and still is) having difficulties to sleep at the daycare centre. So when I pick him up he looks like he is ill. That doesn't help me leaving him there. On the other hand: he loves playing with the other children. And his older brother comes by on a regular base to give him hugs and kisses.

soe zei

Thank you Lisa, for your comment. I am getting more used to it, but it still is not my ideal situation. Do you have children too?

soe zei

Hello Bohemian Girl,
Yep, very much into cirles right now. In the shape of the work, but also in the form of the beading. Do you have any idea what that is symbolising?

soe zei

Hello Marty and Helene,

Thank you for your comment. Sorry for my late, late response. Is there a way to let me know by mail that someone has responded to the blog?
The coins are glued on, and then beaded around. Very simple, but effective, haha. I think I keep making pages that are full of beads and things going on if I look at the next pages. November is going that way too!