maandag 20 oktober 2008

BJP Octobre is ready

Finished in time! This is the Octobre page. The colors go from bright to dark, as does Octobre does around here. There are some really nice, sunny days, and some really dark, rainy, windy days. It is a sky and the water that surrounds us now that we live on a little island.
It also stands for the worries I have since I have children. I can enjoy them immensly (sp?), but there also always is a worry in the back of my head. Are they okay? At first I thought I was only worrying (sp?) because babies are vulnarable. But then I realised that it would always be with me, just the subject would change in time. Now I worry about their development, upbringing, etc. Later it will probably be about are they feeling okay at school, have friends. And even later: is his wife okay, is his work okay?
Then, while I was beading this, the news came that on the daycare centre that my two boys go to a little boy was found dead in his bed. He was 3 months old and we don't know what caused it. It will probably be called SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). His name is Jelle. I remembered him by beading an apple sead in the waves. Jelle is the little sead that will not turn into a tree. The daycare centre was researched and they found nothing wrong. So my boys are there again, and life is slowly getting back in track again.

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pam T zei

O what an incredibly touching story that you wrote with your page for October - which, by the way, your October page is GORGEOUS! Yes, you are definitely a mom when worry takes over your thoughts all the time. How sad about the little boy, Jelle.

Jacquie zei

Your piece is beautiful and has a "new dawning" look to it. The story of Jelle is quite touching. Baby Jelle will always be remembered through your piece. I have gotten through many sad times with my beading and have found it to be a creative outlet for grief. I love your September piece as well!

GraceBeading zei

Beautiful piece Soe, the apple seed is a nice touch to remember a sweet little soul.

Robin zei

This is my first visit to your blog! I admire you so much for being able to find time to bead, photograph your work, write a post in English!, take care of two very small boys, and work. I feel very honored that you have added the commitment of the BJP to your busy life.

And now to your September and October BJP journal "pages." WOW! They are both wonderful... I love the textures, the colors and the symbolism of them. I believe that simple can be good (allowing fabric to show, not trying to say too many things, etc.). BUT, when there is a lot on your mind or a lot going on, I believe it is perfectly wonderful to crowd it all onto your page. In other words, both of your pages are everything they need to be - compelling, uniquely you, personal and important. I look forward very much to seeing 10 more pages as the year progresses!!!

Robin A.

KV zei

So touching and lovely, Soe. That apple seed brought a tear to my eye for that little one.

Beautifully beaded . . .

Kathy V in NM

Tracey N. zei

This is beautiful, the little appleseed brought a tear to my eye. I love the symbolism. Your thouhts on the worrying part are correct, you will just trade worries as your children grow. Thats Motherhood! Beautiful piece Soe. Congratulations.

heidibeads zei

Wow! the thought that went into this and the poor little soul of Jelle. Your boys thank goodness are ok. Your beadwork is fantasic. I agree with Robin - you have a full plate and come up with original and thought provoking work. I'm looking forward to the next 10 months. Thank you for sharing. Oh you're right the subject does change. My son is 12 now and in middle school.

abeadlady zei

Your page is touching and beautiful. Motherhood is wonderful but there is always the worry. How sad about Jelle. The apple seed is the perfect touch to remember him.

Carol zei

Your beading is beautiful and helped you through a sorrowful time, I think. You will always worry about your children, then when they have children, you will worry about your grandchildren. Its part of the circle of the life of a loving mother.

Marty S zei

A beautiful page and a touching memento to the baby Jelle.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

beadbabe49 zei

thank you for sharing your story and beautiful pages...
yes...children are truly "hostages to fate" and the concern never ends...but the love never ends either...fair tradeoff from my POV.

Hélène H zei

Again, I love your colour and texture work on this page - and the seed, it just leaves me speechless. I love the way you convey your emotions with sublety and dignity.

Plays with Needles zei

Your sun radiates and shines like no other. A beautiful piece!

Maryanne zei

What a lovely story behind this piece. Your pieces are gorgeous. It's amazing how therapeutic beading can be ... has gotten me through quite a few hard times. Thankyou for sharing this one.

soe zei

Uhm, people, thank you! For your time and effort to write a note, for looking, and for your compliments. Since I am quite a lone beader here, it is a bit overwhelming. But nonetheless very heart warming!
I like it that my fellow mothers recognize the worrying. It means that I am not 'out there', LOL.
The appleseed will always be for little Jelle. I also like it that I will think about him everytime I see this page. Even years from now.
And beading about theme's (positive and negative) in my life feels good. It is not that I get solutions to my problems or am through with the theme. To me it just feels nice to document a little part of my life.
Again, thank you!

soe zei

Beadbabe 49: Very fair trade off indeed! I just got a lot of wet kisses all over my face. I'll probably have his cold tomorrow, LOL.

soe zei

It is exciting to me to hear your comment on my pages because I have been reading your books over and over.
Because I am still searching for my own autograph in my beading it makes me enthousiastic to read you see a personal and unique page.
On the time issue. I have to admit I have a great partner who lets me bead whenever I can. He helps around the house a lot, does the same thing with the boys, and he photographs and puts the pictures on our computer. So, I have time to bead!

Sabine zei

Soe, this is so beautiful again, and a journal page in the true sense. Little Jelle will stay in the memories of many readers of your blog. How absolutely terrible for his parents to lose their tiny son!

Thank you for answering my last month's question. You are right - I learned the hard way. Only the sewn-on parts were easy to do. Good that there are eleven more chances to go about it in a more intelligent way.


Nancy K. zei

Wow...lovely beading and the colors, I too look forward to your next pages.

soe zei

Hello Sabine,

I had to check back to see if I was so intelligent as to show you how to. But I wasn't...
I think you mean someone else. Thank you for your comment though!

soe zei

Hello Nancy,

Thank you for your comment! I was having difficulties with the November page. I had NO idea what to do, but the colors (black, grey, silver). So I took on Robin's advice and stitched one on. I have been working on it for 3 days now, and still not finished with ideas. Amazing how that works.

bohemiangirl zei

This is gorgeous! And the story that goes with it is touching. I hope you share the apple seed with his family. I bet they would love to know that someone did something in remembrance of their child.

Your beadwork is awesome!

soe zei

Thank you Bohemian Girl! I am in doubt as to let the parents know I did this. It is such a small thing in the huge sadness they must be facing. Who am I to bother them with what I did? But then again I would like to be in touch with them, just to let them know that life didn't just move on, that Jelle did touch our lives. Maybe in a later stage.

Kiwi Ellen zei

A beautiful piece Soe, I love the addition of the seed & yes it brought tears to my eyes too. Thirty nine years ago, I lost my own wee son, who never grew much beyond the seed- also to SIDS

soe zei

Hello Ellen,
I am so sorry to hear about your little baby. It must be hard for you to read this, bringing back memories. I never thought about that making the blog entry.
For me it is my worst nightmare to lose one of my children, no matter how old or young.
I hope you can find comfort in what everybody has said. If you want feel welcome to email me "offlist" about it.
Big hug from soe