dinsdag 4 augustus 2009

July is done (but April, May and June aren't!).

Yes, still somewhat behind (snicker), but working. Right now I am enjoying my holiday and am able to bead some. So, here is July 2009. Not much symbolism that I am aware of. I had to tidy up my bead stash and saw these colors laying together. They looked like summer to me, so I started to use them and just stitched away. In retrospect it reminds me of the park I am cycling through to get to work: all the flowers and greens and the paths in the fields.

I am thinking about June, that will be the next one I'll do. If you feel like it: please let me know what you think. Thank you!

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pam T zei

Glad to hear from you again, Soe! I was wondering where you were! This piece is very lovely, very summery. You do a great job beading! Looking forward to seeing you catch up!

a2susan zei

Hi, Soe. I like your July piece. It is very summery, and that orange really pops out. I hope you are enjoying your vacation!


Robin zei

Been missing you, Soe... and wondering if you were still with us. I'm so happy that you are!

I love your July piece!!!! I love it that the numbers are stylized to the point that at first I didn't recognize them as numbers, but saw instead the pattern on the back of a turtle or insect... I saw summer (almost tropical) colors and felt both the warmth of the sun and a cool breeze off the sea... All this was instant, before I read your words or noticed the numbers. So it makes me happy to think of you cycling through such a beautiful park on your way to work!

KV zei

Your beadwork is always so beautiful, Soe!

Kathy V in NM

soe zei

Hello Pam,

Thank you for leaving a message. I saw that you are done with the year: good for you! And I am impressed with how you shared your journey this year. Thank you for that!

soe zei

Hello Susan,
Yep, enjoying it all the way to the sky (as my 4 yr old says). But still too little time to bead. Have worked on June today though.

soe zei

Hello Robin,

That is so amazing, that you see the summer and the sea in the piece, since I live on a little island close to Amsterdam. So the sun AND the sea are close. I didn't intentionally put it in there, but now that you mentioned it I think it is a big part of the piece!
My way to work is very nice. It starts of with nature, the park, a bridge over a canal and then slowly but surely I bike into the city with more and more people, bikes, cars, busses, trams, untill I get to my working place. And when I go back home I do the whole trip backwards which is a great way to release the tension of a days work.
I am trying to work my way up to August. I think I will try to finish April, May and June first. Is that okay as far as deadlines go? Do you need us to be ready at a certain time?

soe zei

Hello Kathy,

Thank you for the compliment, for visiting and for leaving a message! Can you find the dates in the entries?