dinsdag 19 mei 2009

March is done

Now I am two months behind. Yes, I feel the pressure!
Here is March.
My bankcard is glued on stiff stuff and I used the colors of my bank. I made a web for the financial web in which a lot of people are caught. And were I am sometimes caught in, or at least it feels that way. This month is about our finances. With two children going to daycare for 3 days a week, a house and all that, we have to take care. Or better: I have to take care, since I am known to have these outbursts of moneyspending. I put some old European coins in the web: worthless money. That is how it feels to me with this global economical crisis. I count my blessings: two beautiful, great, healthy boys, a super husband (although we are not married), a rewarding job, all of our parents around, and so much more.
I love to hear your comments!

4 opmerkingen:

a2susan zei

This is a great piece, soe! I love what you've done with the money and credit card. My money months tend to be any month I get a tuition bill for college for my 2 sons and I always pray I can pay them. But...I remember the day care days, and they were expensive too.


Sandy zei

Nice piece. You are catching up now. Beading is what is comfortable right now, so I'm getting mine done. Thanks for visiting my blog too.

pam T zei

Great page, soe! These tough times are certainly a challenge no matter what the situation, we should ALL be sticking our credit cards in our beading right now instead of using them!

Robin zei

Once again you have made a visual statement that crosses boundaries of culture and country... You've totally captured the sense of our financial times! I am in awe of your work and have saved all of your pictures in my BJP Faves file. I'm glad that you can put your credit card in the web and look to your family to see what is really important. Robin A.