maandag 8 februari 2010

BJP10: January

The bracelet for January of BJP10 is ready. It is about darkness, feeling blue, the shimmer of snow.
When it was finished I worked like a madman on a necklace for a wedding (which in the end I didn't wear!). It turned out nicely and I will soon have a picture to show you.
Now I am thinking about February.....

11 opmerkingen:

flyingbeader zei

Very lovely. i like the symetry of the piece

Holly B zei

Lovely blues and a very nice "Moorish" feel to the design.

Kaite zei

Lovely combination of blues and blacks and white.

Carol zei

So pretty! Definitely darkness! Like a moonless snowy night with the midnight blue sky!

Karin zei

Very nice - you have a great sense of design and colour.

abeadlady zei

I like this a lot. I'd wear it anytime. LOL.

Anoniem zei

How pretty! Perfect wintry colors for this first piece. Looking forward to the others. :)

soe zei

Thank you all! For taking a look and leaving a comment.
It does have a Moorish feeling about it. And the wintery moonless night is what I wanted to reveal. But I am still clueless about February. Not even the slightest idea about colors. How about you?

robin michelle zei

Very beautiful! Definitely like a wintery moonless night. I'd go with pink for February!

Magpie Sue zei

Lovely bracelet. I really like the center bit. It would be a pleasure to wear it. How well would it work with the necklace? My impression is that the colors are much the same.

Robin zei

Darkness with a glimmer of snow... This is such a lovely, graceful way to depict your wintery topic, Soe!!! You are challenging yourself this year with the size, aren't you? How long did it take???

I made good progress on my Feb piece today! Thanks to a post by Elizabeth (link on my current post) about having blank canvas problems, I jumped in with a big spash. I'm liking it and glad to be in-progress rather than stuck.

Your circles necklace is stunning!!!! I'm sorry it didn't work out with the dress, but you will find the right dress at some point and than you will attract many thrilled lookers when you wear it!!!

Robin A.