zondag 3 januari 2010

I'm in.

Last night I decided to actually do the BJP 2010. What kept me behind is the fact that I still haven't finished my BJP08/09 and that there are a lot of changes coming up in this year. And I didn't have inspiration. But the muse came by just in time. She kept me awake last night and I decided what I want to try. I want to make embroidered bracelets. Because I think they will be smaller than my CD-shaped pages of last year. And because I like using what I made. So now I am off to decide on the exact shape. I already picked my January colors!

2 opmerkingen:

Dees zei

Hé Soe,

wat leuk dat je mee gaat doen. Eer lijk gezegd dacht ik dat je al "in" was... Ik begin nu ook langzaamaan ideeën te krijgen voor mijn BJP-stukjes.
Een heel mooi 2010 voor jou en jouw gezin!

Sweetpea zei

Soe, I was so excited to see your post on the BJP blog and to read that you're BACK! Personally, I LOVED your previous work so I am very much looking forward to seeing what you create next. Your sense of design and color is so lovely, I know your pieces will be just beautiful....

See you around & happy creating!