dinsdag 2 december 2008

BJP November is done.

November has been ready for some time now. And here it is. This time I wasn't stubborn anymore in not leaving stiff stuff at the edges. With it the circles are much easier to attach to something (I haven't decided what yet).
I used grey and black beads, charlottes, silver seedbeads, plastic beads, pressed glass, chips, gemstone slice, tag and pendant. It is supposed to symbolize the November greyness that hangs around our houses nowadays. It can be dull but it also has a certain bluesiness and its own misty chic.
I beaded a lot when Obama got chosen and I searched for a tag with "hope" on it. But "dream" might even be a better word. How far do you dare to dream, what do you allow yourself? It also is a question I asked my clients a lot lately.
I sometimes feel like I am living my dreamlife now. And most of the time I am busy doing other things. I need to realise more often how blessed I am and how much I like it now. Instead of thinking what I am going to do after the baby had it's bottle I want to focus my attention on feeding my little baby, smell him, hear the little sounds, feel his little arms around my fingers, see the blond hairs and his big eyes. I know that when I look back at this time it will be one of the happiest times of my life. And I want to be able to feel that right now, while it is happening. That is what this diary also is about.
Ofcourse it is much better in real life: more shine and glitter. Let me know what you think!

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Sabine zei

Hello, Soe,

Well, what I think and feel is that your November piece is wonderful. It instantly reminded me of a very beautiful poem by Theodor Storm describing the autumn mood of his hometown, Husum, on the coast of the North Sea.

I also like the "dream" tag. Dream definitely is stronger than hope.

Many regards,

GraceBeading zei

I think it is spectacular! I find the colors soothing even though I am not fond of the gray around here during the winter. And the message conveyed in the design is brilliant. I really like it

Robin zei

Bluesiness and misty chic... very accurate description and good explanation of how your piece makes me feel... not down, as the lack of vivid colors might suggest, but dreamy and comfortable. Your pieces seem to be about 6 inches in diameter, right? That's ambitious... you're doing a great job! Baby, Obama and dreams... what could be better?!

Robin A.

Lynn zei

Well, I'm so happy I've come across your blog. Your beadwork is magic and I love reading what you are feeling. Babies are bliss. Enjoy!

Hélène H zei

It is a nice soft piece. Looking at it, I can relate to the grey dreamy weather, but I also think of subtle magic.

soe zei

Hello Sabine,

What country does Theodor Storm live in? Because I live really close to the North Sea as well! (Amsterdam).
I agree, compared to "to dream", "to hope" sounds more desperate.

soe zei

Grace, thank you for your comment! Every month starts out with me staring in the lights like a rabbit: I have little idea what it is going to be about, only vaguely like colors or a shape or an idea. But untill now it becomes a story, a real diary. That amazes me everytime!


soe zei

Hello Robin, thank you for your comment! Did I really write the bluesiness and mystic chic part? Wow, must have been in a lyrical mood, :)
I don't know what the diameter in inches is (I am used to working with the metrical system), but it is the size of a CD or DVD. On one hand it is a lot of beads and beading to get it covered in beads. On the other hand, I seem to have too little space for everything I want to do, haha.


soe zei

Hello Lynn, you are my first follower! Jay! Thank you for your comment. This evening it worked. Most of the time I was really feeding him instead of being somewhere else with my head. And when I got distracted I tried to just go back without judging myself. (In one of the therapies I am giving this is a major excersice (sp?)). I felt so good. Just his breathing alone makes me relax. It is truly a journey for me!

soe zei

Hélene, thank you! Your comment makes me shy!


heidibeads zei

Soe, I love visiting your blog and seeing what you've done. You've captured the grey, misty aura of the month. We have that here in CT, too. Dream is a good word to reflect on too. And dreams for your children, too.

Robin zei

OK, so they're just under 5 inches in diameter... still, that's a LOT! I know what you mean by sometimes it's not enough... I'm struggling to get everything I need/want on my December piece, and I've hardly begun...

Cheers, Robin A.

Julie zei

I like it very much. Greys can be nice too. Julie C

Sabine zei

Yes, Soe, I am aware of the fact that you live near the North Sea.

Husum is a small town in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, opposite the island of Nordstrand. Theodor Storm lived from 1817 to 1888, not permanently in Husum, but it was his hometown and he is also burried there. He wrote poems and short novels. I got acquainted with his poem "Die Stadt" (the town) in school. At that time I was living in another small town in Schleswig-Holstein, and the poem left a life-long impression.

I have never been to Husum yet, but I have been to Amsterdam. (This is not a noble notion, but I do envy you for living on an island in the middle of that great city.)

At present I am again living not far from the North Sea, in Bremen. I love the way people talk in this area and therefore have, since a long time, naturally adopted the accent without trying.

Sadly, the north-western dialect or language, Flat German, is a dying language and has increasingly got to be preserved artificially. It has quite a lot in common with Dutch, as you probably know.

Hoping that you find all this interesting, I am sending greetings to you.

soe zei

Hello Heidibeads,
I hadn't thought of that. Dreams for my kids! Not expectations, but dreams. You put it in my head, and now I am stuck with it! haha.

soe zei

Hello Juli,

I love greys! In my clothing as well. Combined with purples or soft pinks, black, turquoise.


soe zei


Thank you for this info! It is like a little geography/history lesson! I am interested in this! My parents live in the eastern part of Holland (close to Enschede). That is not to far from Bremen, right? Maybe we can get together sometime, or order together from the US!
Where I live now is on an artificial island. They just put a lot of sand in the lake, next to Amsterdam, and built on it. A lot of people with children (including us) moved there to have more space, a garden and things like that. But still in Amsterdam (on the outskirts) and only a tramride away (20 minutes) from Dam Square. So I am not living in the centre, but I feel really lucky with this way of living.