vrijdag 6 maart 2009

Still alive

Haven't fallen out of the BJP yet. Really! I have December 2008 and January 2009 to show for it. And started on the February 2009. Still too late, but hanging in there.

December was busy. Making some bracelets for Christmas, I didn't have much inspiration for December. I wanted to use red and green because they fit the Christmas theme and because they are out of my comfort zone. Apart from that I didn't know what was going to happen on the circle.

The colors still are out of my comfort zone. I am not very pleased with the result because of that. I do like the little Christmas tree, because that was improvised and turned out good. And I like having experimented.

So for January I used colors I like. And the ton-sur-ton that I am addicted to. The colors are for a new beginning, a fresh start. Not yet full of color but getting there. In the middle is a tibethan sign, I don't know what it is for (I remember for a long, prosperous life, but I am not sure). And I was thinking mandala. Maybe it is a bit boring, but I like it a lot.
For February I am thinking Chinese New Year, a dragon, year of the ox, Tibethian year of 2136, black, white, red.
March maybe something with flowers and loss of money. We are on a tight budget these days so it might be good to bead about it.
Next time I will show you the bracelets I finally made for myself. Again in the same angle as the last ones I was showing, but heck, I wanted some for myself!

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Robin zei

Oh Soe, I do like both of these so much!!! And when I recall the size, 5" in diameter, I am impressed with you for covering this whole space with beads. I also just read all of the comments from your November piece... How interesting!!!!

OK, first about December... personally I adore red and green together and especially the way you did it. I see your played with the ruffle, basket weave and barnacle techniques... really fun!!! I love the way the concentric half-circles sit on the basket weave part! When I think of it as a design, not related to Christmas, it has movement and magic to it. When I add the Christmas element, the magic enters my thoughts about Christmas. I wonder if having children brought that feeling into your work?

February pleases and calms me... There's a sense of quiet, understated beauty, inner beauty - being centered and at the same time highly creative. Taken together, your work really is a journal of who you are!

Thank you for posting!!! Robin A.

PS I will be jealous if you and Sabine find a way to get together... yet at the same time, happy for you both!

KV zei

Your artwork is wonderful, Soe! It is always a joy to see what you have done . . .

Kathy V in NM

pam T zei

Soe- these are both beautiful, the red and green just because I like red and green, and the other because it is peaceful. Your beading is very intense...... I like it!

Julie zei

These are not boring at all. I like them very much. I like to work out of my comfort zone too, I believe it stretches you to where you wouldnt go ifyou didnt do it. Who know what you can find out. You are not far behind at all. Its not a contest remember. Its for you. Julie C

heidibeads zei

Hi Soe, I too, like both of these. I'm not crazy about red and green together, sometimes it makes me dizzy looking at it but you've done a wonderful job putting them together in a playful way and it definitely looks like Christmas! January is calming, I don't think it's boring at all. It's balanced and wonderfully done. I like the mandala feel you were going for - I think it works well. Good for you to be able to do this and take care of a baby! Wow!

soe zei

Thank you for your comment, Robin. I am not sure (at all) what barnacle techniques are, but I am glad I did them! And since I am very concious (sp?) about designing I am happy with your view on it. I am not sure if having children brought that feeling into the work, but it is something to think about.
A bit worried I was about the pages being so different from each other. But you are right: they are journal pages. Ofcourse they are different.
So, thank you very much for your comment. A lot for me to think about.


soe zei

Hello Kathy,

Thank you for taking a look and leaving a comment. It is always so exciting to look who responded!


soe zei

Hello Pam,

You are a "stoere vrouw", as we say in Holland. A woman with, ahem, balls (as Americans say). I read your blog and admire how you are going through all of your pain (physical and emotional) and are willing to share it with us. So THANK YOU for taking the time to take a look! And take care.


soe zei

Hello Julie,

Thank you for your comment. I am a bit in a contest though, with myself. I did commit to BJP willingly, but actually doing it, and not getting too far behind... Well, for me it is a tough job, LOL.
I think that is why I sometimes choose the easy way and do what I know a little more about, and sometimes I experiment more. But you are right, it is exciting and usually gives you a little gift to take back to the comfort zone.


soe zei

Hello Heidi!,

The baby has just turned one in February, and he is all well now, so he takes up a lot less time that he did. But then work kicked in and life...


Corinne Loomer zei

Please keep going with your art! Your circles are just beautiful and so complex and say so much about the things that are important to you!

Tracey N. zei

Soe, i adore your BJP pieces so much! I think the circle shape you chose is so pleasing to the eye and you have a great vision of what your artwork should look like. I think each and every one of the is perfect. I especially love your november piece. I love the icy whites and that stone is so beautiful! I am proud you went outside your comfort zone and used some colors you wouldnt normally use. It is simple and very textural. Lovely!