maandag 10 november 2008

Another one

This bracelet I made for my mother for Christmas, because she said she'd like something in blue. But when she saw the first one she said: I would very much like that in black.....

So, now I think I can make my MIL very happy with this. I like the blue with copper.


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bohemiangirl zei

I just read your comment about my inner critic and I laughed out loud! Thanx

PS - Your bracelets are absolutely beautiful! Very nice work. What did the daycare teacher say?

soe zei

She really liked it! She and her co-workers ooh-ed and ahh-ed about it. But I warned them not to leave the daycare centre just to get a bracelet, haha.

Sunni zei

I just found your blog while reading someone else's I followed a link.
I love your bracelet.
May I ask what was the type of big bead you used?

a2susan zei

Hi, Soe. I don't see how your m-i-l can't love the bracelet. It's a great design and lovely colors. And hopefully your mother will be happy with a black one.

soe zei

Hello Sunni,

Thank you for leaving a comment! The big bead is actually not a bead but a glass blob. I use them as you would a Swarovski rivoli. I found the glass blobs at IKEA. They use them to put in a vase (with or without your flowers and water) to make it look nicer. They are very inexpensive, but look like a whole lot when beaded around, haha.

soe zei

Thank you Susan. The design is from Laura McCabe (from the Swarovski book). I beaded around the blobs before and found out she did exactly the same thing. Just the putting together of the blogs she did differently (and much better!). Also the embellishment is new for me.

Hélène H zei

It's really nice but I have a soft spot for the green one. To make a choice I would have to see the black one :o)

soe zei

Haha Hélène! You are in luck: I started the black one yesterday (now that I finished the BJP November page).

jann zei

Your beaded glass globs are beautiful made into a bracelet. This is another beautiful bracelet. You do a great job beading your toggle ends.
Now I wish I had an IKEA somewhere near by....eri